At Sentido Pearl Hotels, we support and respect the protection of human rights within the company’s sphere of influence and strive to conduct our business operations accordingly. This includes standing against such tragedies as human trafficking and the exploitation of children. We publish our human rights policy and provide training on human rights, including the protection of children, for all our hotels’ staff.

Promote Human Rights and, in particular, the Rights of Children. Reject, reprimand and condemn the exploitation of people, in any of its forms, especially sexual and above all when it affects minors. Adopt preventative measures to stop the preparation or circulation of tourist programs which promote or encourage sexual contact with minors.

The objectives set by Sentido Pearl Hotels in its effort to fight against this social scourge are as follows:

  • Establish a company ethical policy against the commercial sexual exploitation of minors.
  • Training our staff in collaboration with “THE SMILE OF THE CHILD” a Hellenic non-profit voluntary Organisation. The Organisation’s main concern is defending children’s rights, not just on paper but in practice as well, providing services to children on a 24-hour, 7 days a week, 365 days a year-basis, working for their physical, mental, and psychological stability.
    Training was held on April 2017.
  • Provide information to customers through informative material and our website.
  • Provide information to “key local travel agents”
  • Report annually on the implementation of these points.

What can you do as a guest to ensure children are protected?

It is the policy of the Sentido Pearl Hotels to report all suspicious circumstances involving children to the local police and child protection agency.

Therefore, don’t look away! If you observe any interaction between adults and children (be they local or tourists) that you find strange or suspicious, tell the Hotel Management, any member of staff or your Tour Operator representative. We are all trained to deal with such matters and always consider our actions very seriously in order to ensure that the child’s best interest is upheld.

Charity & Donations:
SENTIDO Pearl Hotels donates clothes, food, toys, medicines, furniture and equipment as well as creating charity events whose proceeds go to support disadvantaged children in our local community.

Yiannis Katsoulis
General Manager