The Hotels SENTIDO PEARL HOTELS (Sentido Pearl Beach 4* & Sentido Aegean Pearl 5*) have a strong involvement in the local community of Rethymno, Crete, Greece and as such works to contribute to the improvement and enhanced well-being of its social surroundings, generating opportunities for economic and social development.


Respect, support and promote culture, regulations and preservation of the local environment.
Maintain a constant dialogue with the local community and social agents to be aware of their needs and contribute to their progress through responsible behaviour.

We give priority the purchase of local products to strengthen the economic and social development of the community, provided that they guarantee the standards relating to quality, price and health and safety criteria.

We establish a collaboration strategy with social entities with the following lines of action:

  1. Community support initiatives
  2. Biodiversity projects
  3. Children’s health and well-being programmes
  4. Donations of rooms and services
  5. Donation and supporting the local association of animals protection


The Action Plan sets the following specific objectives for 2017 &2018 year:

  1. We boost measurements to support local communities, extending the field of action to new areas.
  2. We put in place protocols against the sexual exploitation of children.
  3. We ensure continuity of solidarity projects that have already been launched.


To achieve the objectives, we will implement the following measures:

  1. Implementation of all Greek and International action protocols.
  2. Ensure continuity of the sponsorship of associated entities.
  3. Raise awareness amongst staff about the work of the action all social volunteer teams
  4. Accommodation donations.
  5. Sponsorship of associated entities.
  6. At the beginning and at the end of the season, we supply the local social communities (nursing home for old people, hospitals, cultural communities) with blankets, mattress, furniture and food
  7. We support the local economy by:
  8. Weekly guided walk with the guests to two neighborhood villages and monastery. Stop at local coffee shops (kafenion) for drinks & chat with locals. Explaining during the walk of nature, customs and people of Crete
  9. Once a week slide show to all our guests, during which we present and promote the local attractions and market indirect encouraging gusts to visit them.
  10. As hotel present to our frequent quests we offer always a present locally produced and purchased
  11. For our suppliers for food and technicians we prefer the locals.


The management of SENTIDO PEARL HOTELS (Sentido Pearl Beach & Sentido Aegean Pearl) believes that for its business, the people, its employs are its biggest asset; it would be impossible to operate effectively without them.
We establish fare employment practices protect and enhance staff wellbeing, ensuring that staff is happy and feel valued. This promotes a strong relationship between employer and employee.


  • We put priority to recruitment of local staff to encourage the development of societies in which the company is present and the enrichment of the cultural diversity of our work teams.
  • To treated fairly and with respect, irrespective of their sexuality, gender, age, ethnicity, religion or disability;
  • To offer free to enter employment through their own choice and to leave when they choose, without penalty;
  • To pay a living wage or a wage equal to the national legal minimum wage;
  • To work the correct number of hours so that our business complies with Greek and international employment law or benchmark industry standards; and
  • We encourages our staff to develop within their roles, enhancing their skills through training and development opportunities


To achieve the objectives, we will implement the following measures:

  1. Extend 10% the training hours for winter period 2017&2018
  2. To keep the high percentage 98% of recruitment of local staff

Yiannis Katsoulis
General Manager