At Sentido Pearl Hotels (Sentido Pearl Beach & Sentido Aegean Pearl), we are aware of the ramifications and implications of our operation on the local environment, people and culture.

We have successfully developed and applied initiatives for the reduction of the negative consequences of our operation and we are continuously improving our positive contribution to the destination where our hotels operate.

Our commitment has been recognized and we are proud to have received the gold TRAVELIFE awards as a result of the operation of both our hotels.

From recycling to correct resource management, many steps have been made in order to reduce any possible negative effect of our services and hotels’ operation on the environment.

 Installations of saving water and energy consumption
 Low consumption light bulbs
 Solar panels’ replacement by new generation solar panels
 New generation, low energy consumption refridgerators
 Controlled electric energy consumption using a card in all rooms
 Recycling of batteries, paper, aluminum, plastic and glass
 Providing our guests with information material for the correct use of the air-conditioning
system and the use of the electronic cards/keys
 Participation and contribution to environmental actions (Clean Up Med, Archelon, Blue Flag)

In accordance with the International Prototype ELOT EN ISO 14001:2015, the applied System of Environmental Management provides our hotels with the capability to apply procedures for the determination of our environmental policy and aims along four lines of action:

a) Energy consumption
b) Water Consumption
c) Waste management
d) Use of environment-friendly, consumable products

We are committed to:

 Μeet all legal and other requirements relating to the environment.
 Take all necessary actions in order to ensure that none of our facilities and/or installations constitutes a source of nuisance to the neighbours and constantly act in ways which prevent the pollution of the environment.
 Provide the necessary assistance and guidance to our partners so that environmental care becomes a part of their everyday practices.
 Train, encourage and motivate our personnel in issues that relate to the environment and our environmental policy.
 Develop a system of constant improvement, based on mid-term plans, annual programmes of action and regular inspection and reports under the guidance of the top management ranks.
 Incorporate a series of green actions into the services and products we offer, such as: non-use of toxic substances, use of recyclable materials, low consumption of energy and water during use, offering options such as reusing and recycling at the products’ end of life cycle.
 Provide training to our personnel, developing their constant ecological consciousness and ensuring their optimal performance.
 Continuously monitor the results of our actions and applied programmes, and monitor the application of the environmental terms that we have established.
 Encourage our suppliers and partners to develop new products and services which are less harmful to the environment, revitalizing the market.

We are committed to environmental protection, including the prevention of pollution, compliance with all applicable and other requirements which relate to the environmental aspects of our hotels and their operation, as well as the constant improvement of the System of Environmental Management in accordance with the International Prototype ELOT EN ISO 14001:2015, in order to improve our environmental performance.

We offer a framework for the determination and review of our environmental aims and objectives.

The awareness and the commitment of the Management and personnel of Sentido Pearl Hotels to care for the protection of the environment constitutes a significant achievement of the corporation Rethymno A.E., encouraging our personnel, partners and guests to take part in this collaborative effort for a sustainable future.

The Management of Sentido Pearl Hotels (Sentido Pearl Beach & Sentido Aegean Pearl) is committed to the application of the environmental policy and has designated the Hotels’ General Manager as responsible for the application of the environmental policy and sustainable development and for the monitoring and control of all related actions and issues.

Yiannis Katsoulis
General Manager